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Jeremiah Westbrook for Council 2020

Project Overview
After working together on Mark Cripe's campaign, Jeremiah reached out to us for creative support on his own political run - we were more than happy to oblige!
Project Outline
+ Logo & Branding
+ Web Design
+ Graphic Design
+ Photography
Project Date: 2019-2020
The biggest theme for Jeremiah's look:  patriotic. Not incredibly unheard of for a political logo, but essential for this one. San serif font was an obvious choice for a more modern look (else we go too classically patriotic), paired with bright red and blue for the energy and 'pop', as they say. Not overdone, not underplayed, just plainly, boldly stated. Obvious, straightforward, optimistic. The website and print collateral carry that modernly patriotic theme with a bold and limited color scheme, clean lines, and bold transitions.