about campitor

Campitor was born from the love of design–a love of creating graphics, especially work done in collaboration with others for greater purpose and function.

Wanting to bring that passion to business back in 2010, “Campitor"–meaning war horse, battle horse, or charger in Latin–was chosen as the studio moniker for what that imagery conjured up: energy, teamwork, strength, daring, and grace. Also because battle horses are cool.

The mission of Campitor has since evolved into becoming a creative support crew for small businesses and individuals trying to build and maintain their pursuits, not just on the design front, but across multiple creative pursuits.

skills & services

Campitor provides an assortment of creative services to help build and promote businesses.

+ graphic design
+ web design
+ photography
+ photo retouching
+ branding & Messaging
+ illustration
+ videography
+ copywriting & editing

team up

Talk about your project, ask some questions - let's see what's possible.

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